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Straight From the Horse's Mouth

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Category: Main/Show and Event Websites

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Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association 

Don't miss the The Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association's Annual Thresherman's Reunion held in August.

The Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association is located in Kinzer, PA. The ROUGH AND TUMBLE ENGINEERS HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION is a unique museum in that we don't clean the dust off our artifacts rn

rn- Because we're often out kicking up the dust WITH them. During our show days almost everything on the grounds is run! rn- During our annual Threshermen's Reunion EVERYTHING on the grounds that will move under it's own power can be seen in our daily Parade of Power, a ninety minute parade of antique and obsolete machinery and automobiles.rn

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Steam-O-Rama (PA) 

Steam-O-Rama is steam engines and gas engines. Steam-O-Rama is big tractors and little tractors. Steam-O-Rama is bluegrass music and calliope music. Steam-O-Rama is little boys' toys and big boys' toys. Steam-O-Rama is great food and affordable family fun from flea market to petting zoo. Steam-O-Rama is kiddie rides and pedal pulls, lawn mower races and tractor pulls. Steam-O-Rama is more than one hundred years of history and technology.rn
rnEveryone is welcome at Steam-O-Rama, young and old, collectors and spectators, exhibitors and competitors.rn
rnCome on out and share in the experience that is Steam-O-Rama. rn

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